“Donna has a special talent for pushing naturally the student out of their inhibition in English. The result are much more profitable and learning become a real pleasure”
 – Céline
“Donna is a very efficient and proficient teacher. She really adapts to the needs of her students. Lessons are lively and in a friendly atmosphere. It’s a real pleasure to learn and you can have discussions on a lot of topics. With Donna, you have a real chance to improve your English.”
– Christel
“Trying to improve English at a certain level (advanced in my case) is not so easy. The usual problem with English teacher in Luxembourg is that you have only persons for conversation as they are not teacher at all but only English native speaker … This is the big difference with Donna, she’s a true English teacher, she performs her job with a great sense of implication and knows how to motivate the participants. She is always well prepared and, as requested, gives us a lot of homework to improve our vocabulary and grammar level. Therefore one hour and a half is the right time without any time out. We have chosen a formula for two persons and it is very interactive without competition and Donna is really helpful to organise the training in such a way that we have time to speak, to hear and to learn. Donna continue like this and it would be difficult to find a time schedule with you!”
– Martine
“The most impressive of Donna it’s her dedication to her students, she works hard to adapt the materials to them. She always knows what are your needs to improve and to give you enough confidence in your learning. She brings out your skills in language even if you think that you don’t have any. Thanks Donna, It’s a pleasure learn with you and of course thanks for teaching me.”
– Sacry
“Like many French fellows, I had huge difficulties in English and the lessons with Donna have been of great help in improving my understanding, writing and speaking skills in English. Donna has made made an accurate analysis of my weaknesses and worked on them for a whole year in order to provide me the keys for the preparation of the TOEIC that I succeed. Thanks to her, I could join one of the best universities of England (13th). Now, I can say that I can evolve in a multicultural working environment even if I’m not fluent in English. I am continuing to learn English because as Donna says: Learning a language to perfection is a lifetime job.”
”Donna is a very good teacher. She is pleasant, patient and attentive. I improved my English in a pleasant atmosphere: learned more vocabulary, improved my grammar and developed my discussion. In addition, we had a real relationship that helped to be more efficient.Thanks to Donna, I found the taste to learn English. I would like to thank her very much” 
– Samira
“I was on holiday in Scotland and talked in English to a lot of interesting people. It feels great, I am so proud and very happy. Thank you so much for your patience.” read more
– Carinne