“Donna has a special talent for pushing naturally the student out of their inhibition in English. The result are much more profitable and learning becomes a real pleasure” 
 – Céline 
“As I have been doing English courses for several years (single and group lessons) with Donna this might already be a good valuation of her work :). At least from my side I’m convinced that her learning methods are the best ones I’ve ever had. She is used to adapting her methods to the individual’s needs and their inherent requirements. For me this was to speak and to further develop my grammar. Besides speaking a lot about actual subjects, she always provided me with the accompanying exercises. And this always on a well balanced basis (technically and personally). She is always well prepared. With her way to teach, it is really a pleasure to learn English (and as well doing the homework). Apart from that, she is very flexible in respect of all organizational issues. Thanks Donna!”
– Axel

Donna is a fully qualified, experienced, native English language teacher. She is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I learned English by speaking it and using it in different situations: Prepare meetings, being in a restaurant, talking about holidays and so on. She is always well organized, you get papers for reading or you watch short movies for listening. She demonstrates a positive and optimistic attitude, she is open and trustworthy, reliable and has a good work attendance. Now I have another teacher and I can compare both. Nothing compares to Donna.”


“Donna is a very efficient and proficient teacher. She really adapts to the needs of her students. Lessons are lively and in a friendly atmosphere. It’s a real pleasure to learn and you can have discussions on a lot of topics. With Donna, you have a real chance to improve your English.”
– Christel
“Trying to improve English at a certain level (advanced in my case) is not so easy. The usual problem with English teacher in Luxembourg is that you have only persons for conversation as they are not teacher at all but only English native speaker … This is the big difference with Donna, she’s a true English teacher, she performs her job with a great sense of implication and knows how to motivate the participants. She is always well prepared and, as requested, gives us a lot of homework to improve our vocabulary and grammar level. Therefore one hour and a half is the right time without any time out. We have chosen a formula for two persons and it is very interactive without competition and Donna is really helpful to organise the training in such a way that we have time to speak, to hear and to learn. Donna continue like this and it would be difficult to find a time schedule with you!”
– Martine
“The most impressive of Donna it’s her dedication to her students, she works hard to adapt the materials to them. She always knows what are your needs to improve and to give you enough confidence in your learning. She brings out your skills in language even if you think that you don’t have any. Thanks Donna, It’s a pleasure learn with you and of course thanks for teaching me.”
– Sacry
“Like many French fellows, I had huge difficulties in English and the lessons with Donna have been of great help in improving my understanding, writing and speaking skills in English. Donna has made made an accurate analysis of my weaknesses and worked on them for a whole year in order to provide me the keys for the preparation of the TOEIC that I succeed. Thanks to her, I could join one of the best universities of England (13th). Now, I can say that I can evolve in a multicultural working environment even if I’m not fluent in English. I am continuing to learn English because as Donna says: Learning a language to perfection is a lifetime job.”
”Donna is a very good teacher. She is pleasant, patient and attentive. I improved my English in a pleasant atmosphere: learned more vocabulary, improved my grammar and developed my discussion. In addition, we had a real relationship that helped to be more efficient.Thanks to Donna, I found the taste to learn English. I would like to thank her very much” 
– Samira
Hi Donna,
Very good news, I have received the offer from the Bank!
If you remember, one of the objectives we established for the course was to help me with potential new positions so  many thanks for your help! It has been very useful!
– Juan

Bonjour Madame, Juste ce petit mot pour vous dire que Xavier est rentré enchanté hier de son examen d’anglais ,et ceci grace a vous.Un grand merci pour tt le support que vous lui apporté.

– Maria

“I was on holiday in Scotland and talked in English to a lot of interesting people. It feels great, I am so proud and very happy. Thank you so much for your patience.”   For Carinne’s story read more
– Carinne
“After graduation I choose to follow my studies abroad in a international program. To be able to study outside my country I had like most of the foreign students to pass an English test. Thus, I searched for English teacher  that could help me improving my English skills intensly. With a tight schedule I find really inconvenient to move from my home to a place like a school for instance. Moreover, a private teacher is often too expensive for a student like me. After some small researches I find the perfect solution, online private courses via skype. Every Wednesday I met Donna via skype and talk with her about the essay I send her per mail during the week. Her teaching method was really effective for me. I find it more efficient and interactive to work via internet, mailling and skype than traditionnal face to face courses. I could stay at home in my bedroom and stay focused on the correction Donna gave me during the online meetings. She gave me a lot of documents, exercises and very good advice to prepare myself perfectly for the exam and enhance my English level. I think this method is really adapted to students and is more fun and efficient. In fact, I saw a big improvement in my writing, and speaking skills. Furthermore, I passed my exam with succes and obtained a better score than expected. I am very thankful to Donna’s help, that was really adapted to my expectations. Now I can finally start my studies in an English speaking country without the problem of the language.” I am so thankful for your help. I still can’t realise that I passed the ielts test.
– Pauline

Donna is a very professional and engaging teacher. Each time we have a great and long conversational lesson. She is the first teacher I came across whose lessons truly lasts at least 60 min.

Krisztina –

Ses courses sont toujours parfaitement préparés, avec des sujets intéressants. Donna sait faire preuve de patience, et explique vraiment très bien, elle reste à l’écoute, et tient vraiment compte des difficultés rencontrées. Je suis vraiment contente d’avoir recours à ses services. Je recommande les courses avec Donna!