In-person lesson vs. lesson via Skype?

Skype lessons are convenient, fun and less expensive than live-in-person lessons and yet they are just as effective. The only difference is that you and I won’t be in the same place: you might be sitting at home or at your desk, while I will be working from my office. Moreover you will have my 100% attention and you will not be distracted by other students or embarrassed by speaking in a group.

I combine my traditional methods of teaching with the latest communication system –Skype. Everything else is exactly the same as an in-person lesson. I take into account your personality, your needs and your expectations in order to be able to provide the most appropriate teaching method and to establish a personalized course program which will ensure the best results.  As we talk I will write any difficult sentences or new vocabulary in Skype Instant Message which will give you a lesson transcript to review on your own after the lesson.

Finally, after each lesson you will be given some homework (by e-mail) designed to help you review and master the language we have used and studied during the lesson. The lesson, follow-up homework, and corrections are all included in the hourly fee. Just scan and e-mail me your work and I will correct it and return it to you before the next lesson.

Read what my students have to say:

“After graduation I choose to follow my studies abroad in a international program. To be able to study outside my country I had like most of the foreign students to pass an English test. Thus, I searched for English teacher  that could help me improving my English skills intensly. With a tight schedule I find really inconvenient to move from my home to a place like a school for instance. Moreover, a private teacher is often too exprensive for a student like me. After some small researches I find the perfect solution, online private courses via skype. Every wednesday I met Donna via skype and talk with her about the essay I send her per mail during the week. Her teaching method was really effective for me. I find it more efficient and interactive to work via internet, mailling and skype than traditionnal face to face courses. I could stay at home in my bedroom and stay focused on the correction Donna gave me during the online meetings. She gave me a lot of documents, exercises and very good advice to prepare myself perfectly for the exam and enhance my English level. I think this method is really adapted to students and is more fun and efficient. In fact, I saw a big improvement in my writing, and speaking skills. Furthermore, I passed my exam with succes and obtained a better score than expected. I am very thankful to Donna’s help, that was really adapted to my expectations. Now I can finally start my studies in an English speaking country without the problem of the language.” I am so thankful for your help. I still can’t realise that I passed the ielts test.