English for E-mails is a short, intermediate level course, ideal if you need to write e-mails in a business context.

The course helps you to acquire the appropriate language and necessary techniques and strategies to help you write and reply quickly and efficiently to e-mails in English at work.

It is ideal as a stand-alone short course, or as a complement to a General Everyday English Course.


Unit 1: An introduction to emails: The email screen, email structure, subject lines.

Unit 2: Formal and informal emails: Formal/informal phrases, abbreviations

Unit 3: Enquiries: Writing and replying to enquiries, polite language

Unit 4: Requesting action: Writing to colleagues, talking about deadlines and taking action

Unit 5: Exchanging information: Informing and replying, colloquial phrases, being diplomatic

Unit 6: Making and confirming arrangements: Typical phrases, prepositions of time, apology