This is the ideal course if you want to speak English with confidence in everyday situations.

I believe you learn a language by speaking it. I aim to maximize the amount of time you spend speaking in English in the lessons. We follow a course to give the lessons a progressive structure; however I always adapt the lessons to your needs and learning styles.

These are lively, fun lessons with topics linked to everyday situations that will make you want to talk. The main focus is on speaking, but also on listening, reading, writing, vocabulary building, idioms, colloquial English, pronunciation and grammar. It provides a solid basis for you to learn to communicate in English with confidence whatever your level.

The course is available for all levels from absolute beginner to advanced. Take an on-line test now to gauge your level here

  • beginner,
  • elementary,
  • pre-intermediate,
  • intermediate,
  • upper-intermediate,
  • advanced.