My aim is to help you learn to speak English with confidence. I offer a wide range of English courses from total beginner to advanced levels and adapt them to your individual needs and learning styles without the constraints of a language school. 

  • No enrolment fees, no travel costs, no minimum number of lessons, just hourly rates.
  • General Everyday English courses
  • Specific Business Skills in English courses e.g. telephoning, writing e-mails, giving presentations etc.
  • Job Interview practice
  • Exam preparation: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge etc.
  • Lessons take place at your workplace in Luxembourg or via Skype.

General Everyday English 


This is the ideal course if you want to speak English with confidence in everyday situations.The course is available for all levels from absolute beginner to advanced.  Read more … Take an on-line test now to gauge your level here 


Business Skills in English

Specific  business skills in English courses are for intermediate or upper-intermediate level students. They are short courses designed for you to make quick progress in specific skills: job interviews, socializing, giving presentations, negotiating, writing e-mails, telephoning, meetings.   Read more …

skype-finaleSkype Lessons 

Skype lessons are convenient, fun and less expensive than live-in-person lessons and yet they are just as effective. Read more….

Home Tutoring

I also offer home tutoring for lycée students for exam preparation either in person or via Skype.